Hotspot Placement Tool

  • Description This simple object may be used to set the position of 3D hotspots for custom user-modeled objects. Simply place one or more of these 3D hotspot elements wherever you would like a snapping point. After placement, select them and change the line length to 0 to avoid seeing the short axis guide lines. Then select these 3D hotspots along with your other components and save as a new custom GDL object; the snap points will be embedded into the new object. See my YouTube video for a demonstration of use: Also, see the original ArchiCAD-Talk discussion here:
  • Keywords hotspot custom object 3D snap point GDL tool
  • Uploaded by Eric Bobrow
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  • License Public Domain Dedication 1.0
  • Version ArchiCAD 16
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  • Euu Modri
    Euu Modri 1445172364
    can not be downloaded
  • Constantin Eugen Cozma
    Constantin Eugen Cozma 1493317939
    I had the same issue...somebody should explain somwhere visible onthe website because many people don`t know. You just need to drag and drop the arrow square into your AC viewport.