Schiedel CZ

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  • Description File name: ABSOLUT_schk.gsm Version: 1.0 Made by: Kamil Sarelo Date of creation: 2004-01-13 History: 2004-01-13 creation, definition of parameters 2004-01-14 I18N, value lists, locks, logic in MasterScript 2004-01-26 heights and HOTSPOTs for heights in MasterScript 2004-01-28 continue with MasterScript, start with 3DScript and UIScript 2004-01-29 continue with MasterScript and 3DScript 2004-02-01 fix of heights-logic and performance enhancement in MasterScript 2004-02-02 fix of heights-logic in MasterScript, connectors and mouth-plate in MasterScript and 3DScript 2004-02-03 mouth-plate, connectors, mouth-fromation and logic in MasterScript and 3DScript 2004-02-04 mouth-fromation CUTs, height correction at mouthType_01, materials and virtual roof in MasterScript and 3DScript 2004-02-05 corrections, 2D symbol, additional parameters, UI corrections in MasterScript, UIScript, 2DScript and 3DScript 2004-02-06 corrections and improvements in *Script, logo and redisgn of UI, textures 2004-02-08 corrections in *Script 2004-02-10 correction of smoke-connector heights im MasterScript; 2D Symbol in MasterScript, 2DScript and UIScript; new site for 3D pipes in UIScript 2004-02-11 corrections in *Script, materials, 2D Symbol, 3D pipes im *Script 2004-02-12 3D pipes, UI for 3D pipes and additional navigation in UI 2004-02-12 1.0 release 2004-02-17 corrections in *Script 2004-02-18 corrections in *Script 2004-02-23 corrections in UIScript 2004-02-24 corrections in *Script 2004-02-25 correction of virtual roof in 3DScript 2004-03-15 mini correction 2004-04-26 correction from meeting 2004-05-06 equipment 2004-05-16 UIScript 2004-05-06 corrections in all scripts Notes: Copyright A-NULL, Wien
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  • Manufacturer Schiedel CZ
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