Element Orientation_Length Check

Element Audit Label

  • Description Angle and length checking label with defineable accuracy . Use to audit walls, beams, columns and objects to check if the orientation and length is out by fractional amounts. This was designed to serve as a tool to check walls, beams, columns, and object placement, rotation and lengths. The best way to use it is to create an audit layer and set the label to the audit layer, modify the accuracy properties to suit your needs (If you want to make sure element lengths are to the nearest 1mm set the accuracy property to 1mm - if you want to check if the angle of the placed element is orthogonal set the angle accuracy to 90 ,select the elements to be checked either by selecting the relevant tool and Ctrl A or just selecting then Ctrl Shift L to label all. It will give an instant indication of all elements that may require attention by highlighting the label elements in red. It is very useful when converting design drawings to construction drawings.
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