Contour generator tool

Contour Generator Tool

  • Description This contour generator tool utilizes the latest gdl commands to generate contour lines of any element in ARCHICAD (be it a mesh, a morph, etc.) as fast as possible. Still, with bigger elements it might slow regeneration down quite a bit, so it is suggested to explode the object into a 2D linework! 1. Select the mesh you want to slice and go to 'File>Libraries & Objects>Save Selection as...>Object...' 2. Save the object with a name you will remember (e.g. "mesh-01") 3. Place the Contour Generator Object and set up all its settings according to your design 4. Enter the name of the mesh object you just saved into the corresponding field, so that it would load it, and generate the contour lines +1. Explode the Object into 2D lines in the floor plan, to speed up the model
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  • Uploaded by Daniel Kovacs
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  • License Public Domain Dedication 1.0
  • Version ArchiCAD 21
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