Parking Lot Maker 4

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  • Description Written by Mark Beauman Updates 4.0.1 General interface improvements & fixes. 4.0.2 Half line marking radial islands not shown. 4.0.3 Unecessary detail shown when stretched. 4.0.4 Road under islands doesnt turn-off 4.0.5 No road in 2D and 3D for half islands and no islands according to style 4.0.6 Groups, Cars, and Odd Cars do not update when changing all variations of parking style 4.0.7 Total angle does not update when inside or outside radius is changed 4.0.8 Australian Standard drawn incorrectly 4.0.9 Wheel Stop eye in interface turns on and off with Road display control 4.0.10 Display by scale added to line width 4.0.11 Interface eye for gutter on and off with Island display control 4.0.12 Road fill for islands when in line marking mode now turns on and off with island checkbox, interface updated to reflect this also. 4.0.13 Interace main menu modified for better understanding 4.0.14 Hotline removed from Parking lines to speed up dragging in plan view. Parameter name of Hotline changed to avoid clashes with ArchiCAD command. 4.0.15 3d vehicle rotation modifed so random rotation correctly shows car in middle of space. 4.0.16 Variable names changes to avoid conflicts in version 12
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  • License Public Domain Dedication 1.0
  • Version ArchiCAD 19
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  • Andrew Fulton
    Andrew Fulton 1615508748
    Hi Mark,
  • Andrew Fulton
    Andrew Fulton 1615508918
    We love your parking object - great job. We've recently moved to AC24 and it doesn't display in 3d anymore, and the menu images are all black. Is this a problem at our end, or is there work needed on the object to make it compatible with version 24?