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  • Description A parametric steel chain for 3D detailing. Adjust the horizontal run and vertical rise and the link dimensions. Set a 'sag' dimension to allow the chain to follow a natural path. Use a checkbox in the Settings dialog to force the chain to use a whole number of links. This will add a link if the chain is too short to follow the specified path, and the 'sag' will increase. In 3D (i.e. not sections or elevations) you can specify a 'twist' angle - both incremental and random - to apply between adjacent links. This can make for a more realistic rendering.
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  • License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0
  • Version ArchiCAD 16
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    Suebwong Piseskul 1501142080
    I think you will go in uploader in "Uploaded by" link and find download from there.
  • Orkun Erdem
    Orkun Erdem 1520596442
    i cant sownload