Philips - BPP007 - LIGHT + ROD

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  • Description BPP007 LED-MP/740 PSU II GR 60P BPP007 - LED Medium Power - Power supply unit - Posttop for diameter 60 mm Under new regulations, all mercury-based lamps are prohibited from 2015 onwards. This means that all luminaires using these lamps need to be replaced as well. However, the installed base of these luminaires is huge, and the municipalities do not have the budget for such largescale replacement, especially in this period of economic austerity. At the same time, the municipal authorities are facing tremendous pressure to save energy and to reduce light pollution of the night sky (many mercury installations have a transparent bowl, sending light everywhere).StreetSaver is an affordable, high-quality solution that enables the municipalities to address all these issues at once by changing their mercury- based luminaires to a LED system – for only limited investment.
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