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  • Description simple logwall with sealing - "tongue and groove" Features: 1. free movable 2d-view with movable hotspots - switchable 2. its possible to draw every single position of any tree-trunk at wall-beginning. 3. in ground-view there is a userinterface to switch tho ofte used settings 4. a polygon to cut contours - switchabele and free placeable 5. 10 free mavable rectangular cutouts - to place windows or else 6. sealing tongue and groove begin at wall crossingpoint 8. switch on simple measurements 9. begin with halften block or full in z-direction 10. implanted inaccuracy to get more reality in 3d-representation
  • Keywords simple logwall with sealing - "tongue and groove" https://www youtube com/watch?v=mvTM-uT5EkU
  • Uploaded by Heimo Mooslechner
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  • License Public Domain Dedication 1.0
  • Version ArchiCAD 17
  • File size 375 KB
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  • Catan Veaceslav
    Catan Veaceslav 1439287345
    Добрый день! Будьте любезны, загрузите еще раз этот файл. Очень хочется попробовать.
  • Душко Србиновски
    Душко Србиновски 1476271849
    Pls enable download of this interesting object. Thx