Toilet One-piece USA 17

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  • Description This object uses manufacturer specific information, much of which is typical for the US market. It can also serve as a GDL template for quickly creating other bath fixtures by drawing your own 2D Fragments and substituting your own geometry in the 3D subroutines. Also, note the special "2D" and "3D" options. * Place using Rough-in Center line or Clearance., * 2D "Foot Print View is helpful for coordinating floor tile installations.
  • Keywords toilet Kohler K3323 Santa Rosa
  • Uploaded by Ransom Ratcliff
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  • License Public Domain Dedication 1.0
  • Version ArchiCAD 17
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  • Cinthya Cruz
    Cinthya Cruz 1429815215
    como se descarga un solo objeto y no librerias completas?
  • Aaron Hoopes
    Aaron Hoopes 1526416489
    A serious error occurred during download. Data remaining: 0 KB Processed: 0% Time remaining: . . .sec Most of theses objects on this site that would be of any use, don't seem to actually be downloadable.