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  • Anthony Pope, AIA, NOMA
    Anthony Pope, AIA, NOMA 1365427358
    Just getting my teeth into this one, but thus far, great job. Cannot wait to see V2
  • deleted
    Deleted user 1367702416
    I am also highly impressed by this object. A lot of hard work obviously went into this. Not only is the 2D documentation superb and adaptable, the 3D element looks great and so do sections through the object! All that said, I cannot actually use the object. We use 2'x4' florescent lights in 2'x2' grid, which I do not see any way of accomplishing with this tool. I congratulate manuBIM on their great accomplishment and applaud Graphisoft for the Wish Upon an Object idea, but also wish for the ability to place 2x4 lights in a 2x2 grid.